Highlights from “50 things we now know about digital health consumers”

Rock Health recently published an interesting status update on the state of digital healthcare in the US.  In summary, if your practice offers video appointments, you are well-poised to take advantage of the increase in consumer adoption of telehealth in 2017.

Here are some stats we found particularly exciting:

  1. Video-based telemedicine adoption more than tripled from 7% in 2015 to 22% in 2016, with the majority of uses occurring in the last quarter.
  2. The telemedicine medium with the highest satisfaction rate is live video, at 83%.
  3. Over a quarter of consumers plan to use telemedicine in the next year.

Take a look at the rest of the Rock Health study. It contains some very interesting stats about consumers’ willingness to share personal health information and how wearable tracking devices are factoring into healthcare.

And if you are convinced that 2017 is the year for your practice to offer telehealth visits to your clients, check out the Clocktree “Starter” plan.  It’s free for up to 10 hours of video appointments per month!

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