Wired reports new study finds telehealth increases new patient utilization 88%

Wired recently reported on a new study released by researchers at RAND, a public policy thinktank, finds the availability of telehealth significantly adds more patient consultations.

Here are a few points of note that may be of interest to healthcare providers:

  1. Telehealth visits only replaced 12% of in person appointments, while creating 88% of new utilization.
  2. “If you make something easier to access, people will use it,” said Lori Uscher-Pines, one of the authors of RAND’s paper, published in Health Affairs. “That lower threshold means that people are using this as an add-on service.”
  3. Mario Gutierrez, executive director of the Center for Connected Health Policy sees telehealth as “a huge opportunity to use it to manage chronic disease and engage people in preventive care. That means embracing telehealth as an essential service, not an add-on.”

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