Insurance and telehealth might be simpler than you think

Insurance and telehealth might be simpler than you think

The most frequently asked question among healthcare providers considering telehealth is “how will I get paid for video appointments”?  Not all telehealth practitioners accept insurance, but for those that do, you need to know that you’ll be compensated, right?  For a wide range of healthcare providers in most states, there is good news.

The landscape is changing rapidly, but here’s where we’re at right now:

  • 47 states, plus Washington DC, have some level of telemedicine reimbursement.
  • 39 states have telemedicine parity laws in place and another 7 have proposed telemedicine parity legislation. Parity laws mandate reimbursement by private insurers for telemedicine visits just as they would for an in-person visit.
  • For current info on laws in your state, bookmark the Center for Connected Health Policy website.
  • In most cases, you don’t need a specific CPT code for insurance billing for a telemedicine visit. Add a GT modifier in front of the CPT code you submit for an in-person visit.

If you feel the time is right to add telehealth appointments as an option for your practice, Clocktree is a simple and cost effective choice.  You really can’t beat the cost of our Starter package.  (it’s free!)  Give our Customer Care team a call at 302-990-8935 for a demo.

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