Updated 50 State Telehealth Reimbursement Report

Good news for healthcare providers offering telehealth visits to their clients.  The trend continues to grow in the direction of increased reimbursement for telehealth for both Medicaid and private insurance.

The Center for Connected Health Policy just released its 5th annual State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies report.  High level findings include:

  • Forty eight states plus Washington, DC provide reimbursement for some type of live video in their Medicaid program.
  • Twenty two state Medicaid programs provide reimbursement for remote patient monitoring (RPM).  The three states that added RPM since August 2016 include Arizona, Nebraska and Virginia.
  • Although the practice of restricting reimbursable telehealth services to rural or underserved areas is decreasing, some states continue to maintain this policy.  Six states currently have some form of a geographic restriction.
  • The number of states with private payer laws has remained constant since August 2016, with thirty five jurisdictions having laws addressing private payer reimbursement for telehealth.

The CCHP has published a quick summary of their report, or you can get all the details in the full report.

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