Multi-state licensure making strides

Multi-state licensure making strides reports that physical therapists in 10 states may soon see their client pool dramatically expand.  After the 10th state hopped on board the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact, therapists will soon see a reduction in regulatory barriers when it comes to interstate mobility and cross-state practice.  

The compact overseen by the Federation of State Boards for Physical Therapy (FSBPT) aims to increase consumer access among the current compact member states of Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Washington.  8 more states are actively pursuing legislation to join as well.  

Jonathan Linkous, the CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, said in a Jan. 27, 2016 letter to William A. Hatherill, his counterpart at the FSBPT, “For telemedicine to achieve its maximum potential nationwide, physical therapists must be able to practice at the top of their scope across the barriers of geography. Passage of the compact will empower physical therapists to participate in and benefit from a variety of innovative service delivery models featuring a multi-disciplinary team approach to provide and coordinate a patient’s care. Patients will reap the ultimate rewards of these efforts.”

With continuing legislation opening inroads for telehealth technology and the resulting positive impact for patients as well as health practitioners, it makes sense to have a simple and easy solution ready for adoption.  That’s where Clocktree comes in!  You can use our full telehealth suite for FREE if your video usage is under 10 hours per month.  With features that include unlimited users & clients, HD multi-chat, signed BAA, scheduling, storage and more, there is no better time to join!  Learn more about the features and pricing of Clocktree or call us at 302-990-8935 or send us an email at

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