iPhone and iPad app now available!

You can now access Clocktree on all devices!  screen_1_iphone_1242x2208px copy

Clocktree users on a desktop, laptop, Android tablet or Android phone can use Google Chrome browser.

Providers or clients who want to use their iPhone or iPad for video appointments can download our new app!  It works just like our website.

Q: How do I get the app? 
A: Search for “Clocktree Telehealth” in the app store.  It’s free, of course.

Q: Do both parties need to be on the app to have a video appointment?
A: No. Users don’t need to be on the same type of device or platform to connect to each other.  You can use a laptop while your client uses the iPhone app.

Q: Can I use my laptop most of the time, but occasionally use my iPad when I’m traveling? 
A? Yes! All your practice information will appear no matter which device you use. You can schedule an appointment while on your laptop and actually have that appointment while using your iPad.

Do you have questions we didn’t think of?  Ask in the comments section, or call our Customer Care team at 302-990-8935.

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