Telemedicine and Mental Health, 5 Reasons Why Your Patients Want Access to Telemedicine Mental Health Services.

Mental Health

According to the article “The Role of Telemedicine in Mental Health,” in a given year ⅕ of adults in the US are diagnosed with a mental illness. 56% of those adults are not receiving proper care and treatment. That is more than half of the population suffering from mental health issues. With such a large underserved community, there needs to be a way to reach out and help those who are not receiving proper care. Clocktree provides a secure platform that allows for greater convenience of communication between provider and patient. By joining the telemedicine community your practice can supply a convenient and reliable interface for you and your patients.

There have been studies that supply evidence that virtual mental health counseling can be extremely beneficial to patients and works more effectively than the typical in office visit. This article provides 5 benefits from telemedicine mental health services.

  1. Convenience; since all a provider/patient needs is a computer with internet access and a webcam, telehealth is an easy way to be in contact with one another.
  2. Increased access; providers are now able to reach out to patients in remote communities who are housebound or are unable to find childcare. These patients, in the past, may have never had the opportunity for mental health care. This would help incorporate an underserved population into your practice.
  3. Fewer missed appointments; the no-show rate for in office visits is from 30-40%. In stark contrast, telemedicine companies have seen a much lower rate at 3.5%. This in large part, has to do with the easy access of a video chat session, as traffic and other difficulties do not affect this type of appointment.
  4. Reach new clients; the ability to video chat with a health care provider allows for a broader selection of therapists to choose from. A patient can find the provider that works best for them from anywhere in the country, which also increases the client base of the providers.
  5. Customized care; this allows the patient to customize their time frame in what works best for them, while also making it easier for providers to reach out to patients in a timely manner.

Clocktree is here to help providers like you create a more flexible style of care, particularly for those practicing mental health services. By allowing patients to reach out to you in more than one way, as well as more easily, the comfort of your patients will increase. If you think telemedicine is the next step for your practice, check out Clocktree’s starter package on our pricing page. The starter package is free for up to 10 hours of use per month. Don’t hesitate to give our careteam a call at 302-990-8935 or send us an email at if you have any questions.

One thought on “Telemedicine and Mental Health, 5 Reasons Why Your Patients Want Access to Telemedicine Mental Health Services.

  1. Using telemedicine technology to help mental health patients is going to prove extremely successful for those who are suffering from depression, anxiety or another mental health disorder. These disorders can make it very difficult to leave the home, especially to see a doctor.

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