Which US State Will Be Next to Push Forward the Telehealth Movement?

Blurred emergency in hospital

As a telehealth platform Clocktree provides a secure and HIPAA compliant resource for providers to step into the world of telehealth. Telehealth is becoming increasingly common and useful in the realm of healthcare, some States such as a Georgia are even using telemedicine as a substitute for ER visits in nonemergency cases. 

Blue Cross Shield of Georgia is pushing to have telemedicine replace unnecessary and costly ER visits. According to the article “Ga. Payer Pushes Telehealth to Replace Unnecessary ER Visits starting July patients will only be reimbursed for an ER visit if emergency care is necessary. However the goal of this is not to discourage people from going to the ER if there is an emergency but rather encourage people to use a telehealth platform or urgent care clinic instead of an expensive and time consuming ER visit for nonemergency medical issues. This restriction does not apply to children under the age of 13, on holidays/Sundays and when urgent care facilities are more than 15 miles away. Georgia is hoping this leads to its residents receiving higher quality and more affordable healthcare. 

Telehealth is not only cost effective but will also decrease the wait time in ERs and allow for people with more serious conditions to be seen quicker. However not all agree on this lack of reimbursement for all ER visits. Since patients are not trained to know what is or is not an emergency they can end up having to foot the bill for something they saw as a valid circumstance for an ER visit. Telehealth is an up and coming field which will greatly improve patient care however, it does not substitute for the ER in the case of an emergency, something providers and patients should be aware of when entering the world of telemedicine. We at Clocktree want you as a provider to be prepared for the changing healthcare system. By joining the telehealth community your practice will be on the forefront of healthcare technology.

If telemedicine is the next step for your practice, check out our Starter plan which is free for up 10 hours of video sessions per month. Clocktree is here to help you get started and grow your telehealth services at no cost.  Once you need more than 10 hours of video sessions per month, the monthly fee for our Professional plan is only $49. If you have any other questions about adding Clocktree to your practice don’t hesitate to give us a call at 302-990-8935 or send us an email at info@clocktree.com.

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