Telemedicine on Nicotine

Broken CigaretteSmoking has been a national problem for years now. Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, but yet people are having a difficult time quitting this addictive habit. What is preventing smokers to seek out the help they need to quit? Well, the lack of access, education, and the limitations that surround certain individuals are a few barriers to name. However, telemedicine can be the connection that current smokers are seeking in order to help find access to certain counselors and specialists across the United States.

UT Southwestern Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center in Dallas was able to conduct a study in order to test the theory that telemedicine can eliminate or reduce nicotine addiction in patients. The study was called, Tele-Nicotine. The experiment pooled together a group of male smokers and provided them with a four week course in order to eliminate their smoking habit. The team leading the program include a cancer educator, oncology nurse, and a counselor. This study was conducted over video conference and the purpose was to identify how comfortable the team was using technology, how effective was the technology use, and if they were able to make personal connections through video.

The study concluded that there were successful outcomes resulting in reduced nicotine use. The results indicated that 25% of participants said they had stopped using nicotine and 25% said they had significantly reduced their nicotine use. The team leading the program reported that they were comfortable with the technology use and felt that it was highly effective in order to reach out to patients that they otherwise would not be able to see. The results of the Tele-Nicotine study are a very positive sign that telemedicine can be effective in facilitating much-needed healthcare services to an otherwise underserved population.

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