How Can Telemedicine Help US Veterans?

Vietnam War Military Veteran

PTSD has been a long standing, but rarely talked about problem, particularly in the United States Veteran community. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, known as the VA, estimates that 11-20% of veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars suffer from PTSD with numbers as high as 30% for Vietnam war veterans. With numbers this high, it is astonishing that a mere 8% of 5 million veterans under VA care have been diagnosed with PTSD. To increase the number of Veterans receiving the care they need, the VA has turned towards telemedicine, which helps improve the quality and access of care for Veterans.

There has been a stigma about mental health in the US ever since mental illnesses were first diagnosed, especially in the Veteran community. By increasing ease-of-access to care, using telehealth services, the number of veterans who require mental health care but are not receiving the services they need will decrease. Telemedicine offers what many veterans are looking for, greater discretion and easier access to either mental healthcare or general healthcare.

Telemedicine is changing the face of healthcare one step at a time. There are so many underserved populations that will benefit greatly from access to virtual care. The VA is working to help our veterans receive the care they need as well as diagnose conditions such as PTSD by implementing telehealth into their system. They believe that telehealth will improve quality and access of care.

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