3 Reasons Telemedicine Will Continue to Grow in 2017

smart doctor hand working with modern laptop computer in modern office with virtual icon diagram

Clocktree wants to help your practice reach its full potential. Telehealth is becoming increasingly useful in the world of healthcare and Clocktree is ready to provide you with a secure space to communicate and work with patients.

In an article from the Modern Medicine Network, they state three reasons on why telemedicine will grow in 2017. This is a brief overview of the opportunities telemedicine is taking advantage of.

1) Increasing consumer demand for alternative health care access.

Patients are looking into ways to schedule appointments more easily and flexibly into their busy schedules which is leading to a change in the face of healthcare. By allowing them to have access to online healthcare, a provider’s consumer base shall continue to grow because of telemedicine’s convenience.

2) Strategic pricing options.

Modern Medicine Network believes as healthcare reform of the ACA continues it is likely to increase the number of uninsured patients in the US. It is also likely for those covered under employer-provided health insurance to have high deductible healthcare plans in the future. Telemedicine offers a less expensive and more accessible alternative to the typical health care system particularly in comparison to unnecessary and costly emergency room visits.

3) Telemedicine will help providers meet MACRA guidelines.

(MACRA is the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act and replaces the current medicare reimbursement using a pay-for-performance motto, focusing on the quality of care.)

Since MACRA was passed in 2016 there has been an increase of technology in a provider’s medical practice. With this increased use of technology, telemedicine will become increasingly useful and relevant to both patients and providers.

If telemedicine is something your practice wants to take advantage of please try our free starter package of up to ten hours of video usage per month. If you have any other questions about adding Clocktree to your practice don’t hesitate to give us a call at 302-990-8935 or send us an email at info@clocktree.com.


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