Patients Are Realizing the Value of Telemedicine

Relaxing on a sofaPatients are starting to realize the value of telemedicine. The convenience of having a virtual visit from home, as well as the overall lower cost, is becoming increasingly appealing to them, particularly for those under 50. According to a survey performed by Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) 54% of patients preferred virtual visits to in office visits.

Although many patients are interested in virtual healthcare, a rather small number of providers supply this service. Providers have not been rapidly adopting telemedicine due to a number of reasons, one being the lack of reimbursement options. However, all 50 of the US States have some sort of telehealth coverage within their medicaid plans, and this trend toward telehealth coverage is continuing forward. FierceHealthCare states physicians can net $25 more per virtual visit than in-office visit. Providing some evidence that adding telemedicine to your practice would not only benefit your patients but also increase your profit.

Patients are gaining interest and physicians are seeing an increase of coverage for this up-and-coming healthcare technology. The time to adopt telemedicine is now, are you as a provider ready to see how telehealth fits best into your practice?

If you’re interested in learning more about the world of telehealth and the benefits it can bring to you and your patients check out our other blog articles!

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