Clocktree Telehealth Platform Popup Notification Update


You can now receive important Clocktree account notifications via popups!

These popup notifications are small messages that appear in a corner of your device’s screen, whether you are logged into Clocktree or not.

They will alert you to upcoming appointments or new secure messages. Since the popup notifications are securely sent, they can include sensitive information like the client’s name and profile picture, a feature that is not possible for email and text messaging.

To enable popup notifications on your account follow these steps below:

  1. Log on to Clocktree and click My Account (find this by clicking on your name in the upper right corner).
  2. Click the Notifications tab where you can enable popup notifications for the different events, and optionally turn on or off email or SMS text message notifications.
  3. Then click Save. A message comes up from the browser asking permission to show notifications from Clocktree. Click on Allow.

This enables popups on your account, but you will need to enable them on each device that you use for Clocktree. If you followed the instructions above, you are done on that device.

For each new device that you log onto Clocktree with, you will be prompted if you want to “Enable popup notifications on this device.” Turn this switch on, then click on Allow in the message from the browser that shows up right afterwards.

You will only need to turn them on once for your account, and then allow them once for each device you use.

Of course, if you use popups and log onto Clocktree from a shared device, we do not recommend that you allow notifications on that device due to privacy concerns.

Your clients also have the option to receive popup notifications.

If you accidentally clicked on Block when prompted instead of Allow, visit on that device, then click on the padlock symbol to the left of the address bar in the Chrome browser. Find the Notification option (ignore the Popup option further down). To the right on this line click on the option that says Block and change it to Ask. When you reload the page you will be prompted again by Clocktree and you can choose Allow this time.

About these popups and where they are best supported:

  • Popup notifications are a useful, convenient and secure way of being informed about events, but manufacturer support for them does vary.
  • On Windows or Mac computers, the Chrome browser must be running to receive popups, but you do not have to be logged onto Clocktree or even visiting it.
  • On Android devices, the browser does not even have to be running to receive them.
  • On iPhones and iPads, popup notifications are not yet supported, but Apple may be adding this in the future.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at 302-990-8935 or send us an email at Thank you for being a part of Clocktree and we hope this feature is helpful!


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