Telemedicine Technology is Helping Florida Residents Affected by Hurricane Irma


During a time of such chaos and destruction in Florida, it has been extremely hard to provide healthcare access to those in need. Within the last three days Florida Hospital has incorporated telehealth technology into their system of care. This platform now enables those who are unable to travel or prevented from reaching their usual services and care providers a virtual care option.

Florida Hospital has been using eCare to reach so many affected by hurricane Irma. While virtual visits are typically 49$, Florida Hospital has been offering them for free until the storm subsides and life for residents returns to somewhat normal. Scott Brady, the president of Florida Hospital, said “Despite the storm, illness and injuries still happen” he wants people of the region to know that they are available, from 8am to 8pm, should a need for urgent care arise.

While such hardship has struck Florida and many southeastern states, the reaction from people willing to help one another has been inspiring. As natural disasters to continue deluge the US, telehealth technology could be a critical resource for providing urgent care assistance to those unable to seek hospitals, medical facilities, or their routine care providers.

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