Telehealth is Helping Patients Receive Care Faster

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as concept

Today on average a patient waits 29 days to meet with a doctor. The USA as a whole is expected to be short 90,000 physicians by 2025, meaning the wait to see a physician should continue to lengthen. Due to this month’s long delay many patients are opting out of seeking care for minor illnesses such as, cold or flu because the emergency room is their only timely option.

Going to the ER for minor ailments is not only costly and time consuming but, causes a longer wait for those who are truly in need of urgent care. So what can be done instead? Telehealth technology could be an answer to this problem. Remote health tracking and virtual checkups save time by helping doctors keep track and work with more patients than ever before.

Allowing the home to become the primary care setting cuts out travel time and leaves clients in a more comfortable environment. The idea of virtual care options appeals to many Americans, so what is the wait on implementing virtual care into our healthcare system?

While the technology is available to create a world of virtual healthcare, regulations and legal requirements have not caught up to the time. This is a large hurdle telehealth companies are facing, however as time goes on, more and more states are adopting telehealth coverage into their healthcare systems.

The technology is here and consumers are willing and eager to enter the world of telemedicine. Since this could be the saving grace to our physician shortage, US regulations and legal requirements need to catch up to the technology! If you are interested in learning more about the world of telemedicine check out our website or read some more of our blog articles.  

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