2017 A Ground Breaking Year for Telehealth

Digital e-healthcare in order to connect patients to medical services

2017 was a ground breaking year for the world of telehealth. More than 60% of all healthcare institutions in the US have implemented telehealth technology into their care systems. Access to online care has never been better. The ability to receive care remotely bridges large gaps in our healthcare system, and makes it easier for patients to be in contact with their providers.

Telehealth has helped provide access to people who have been unable to travel to care clinics, specifically during hurricane Irma Florida Hospital opened up telehealth access (as mentioned in our previous blog post) to people around the state who were unable to reach a physician but were in need of help. Online video evaluations helped providers respond to the people left stranded by the hurricane, and they were able to provide medical advice for injuries as well as other basic medical questions people around the state had.

A large variety of healthcare providers have implemented telehealth into their practices during 2017, from psychiatrists to dermatologists many providers are reaping the benefits of online care options. Although a large number of healthcare institutions provide online care platforms, there is still a hugely underserved population who lack access to healthcare.

2017 continued the forward movement of the telehealth sector, and 2018 is expected to be another year of great progress. More and more insurance companies are covering telehealth services and as the year moves forward a greater number of people will have easier access to healthcare. 2017 was a good year for telehealth, and we at Clocktree are excited to see what 2018 will bring.


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