Consumers Are Looking For Greater Telehealth Access

Consumers Are Looking For Greater Telehealth Access

Consumers continue to wish for more virtual care options, creating better overall access to healthcare. According to a 2018 survey conducted by Ernst and Young, more than 50% of 2500 consumers are already using the telemedicine technology available to them through their healthcare providers. However most of these patients do not have access to all the telehealth options they are hoping for.

As consumers are more and more willing to use virtual portals for addressing healthcare needs, there is still an overall lack of accessibility to these virtual care options. In reality the next step in integrating telehealth into the healthcare sector is persuading physicians to adopt this technology into their own practices. A study conducted by Ernst and Young in 2018 surveyed 350 physicians, 64% of these physicians believe that the telemedicine technology will reduce physician and nurse burnout rates.

A physician shortage in the US has been an ongoing issue pushing physician burnout rates to increase. The rising amount of patients per physician is detrimental to the physician as well as the patient. Doctors must either work longer hours or spend less time with patients, causing quality of care to suffer.

Telehealth saves time for both the patient and doctor, and creates an easier way for physicians to manage, and care for a growing number of patients. It is no wonder that the current healthcare system is increasing its use of telehealth technology.

The consumers have spoken and they want virtual healthcare options. Now is the time for physicians to not only listen to their patients, but also use this technology to improve quality of care and their own quality of life by saving time and energy. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of implementing telehealth into your practice check out our other blog posts or Clocktree telehealth platform.


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