Small or Solo Practices Considering Telehealth

Small or Solo Practices Considering Telehealth

We liked this article on mHealth Intelligence that offers advice for small and solo practices who are considering offering telehealth services.  The article lists six high level assessments when making a decision:

  1. Is it supportable across all devices?
  2. Will the quality of service be equal to or better than in-person care?
  3. Will remote patient monitoring be included?
  4. Is “webside manner” properly addressed?
  5. Is this as easy as possible for patients to use?
  6. Are all security and HIPAA concerns addressed?

The article goes on to give advice for those who have chosen a platform and are ready to get started. They recommend practicing a telehealth visit with a friend or colleague, recording the first few sessions to perfect your “webside manner”, and advertising your telehealth services first to your tech savvy clients then more broadly.

One important consideration that is not mentioned in this article is the cost associated with various telehealth platforms. While it’s worth investing in the platform that will best suit your practice, there is a wide range of up-front and monthly fees associated with offering telehealth services.  We are proud of Clocktree’s unique pricing structure which gives small and solo practices a chance to get started testing telehealth services with no fee until telehealth becomes a substantial part of your practice. To learn more about our free Starter plan, visit our pricing page.


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