The Surprising Power of Telephysiotherapy

The Surprising Power of Telephysiotherapy

The number of telehealth users will hit seven million sometime this year. With advancements in telecommunication technology and rising interest among millennials (who place a high value on convenience), that number is expected to grow in the coming years. Still, many people associate telehealth’s uses with mild illnesses like a cold or sore throat. Expect that perception to change soon. Telehealth practices can be implemented across almost every field of medicine.

In recent years, studies have shown that augmenting physiotherapy with telephysiotherapy produces significantly better outcomes than just the traditional in-person approach. Face-to-face video conferencing offers the intimacy of in-person visits while reducing costs and increasing geographic accessibility. Consumer devices patients already own (like smartphones) are powerful enough to facilitate physical activity monitoring and real-time feedback on exercise performance. Telephysiotherapy can also be as simple as exchanging messages. In some cases, patients have found success in physiotherapy rehabilitation programs delivered purely through email support and a mobile application.

The increasing demand for telephysiotherapy coincides with an industry trend toward encouraging consistent exercise therapy. For people looking to increase long-term health outcomes through physical activity and physical fitness, the ability to work with physical therapists at a distance offers an advantage over “hands-on” therapy, as many programs rely heavily on goal setting, exercise prescription, and self-management training. With the growing emphasis on out-of-clinic training, a trusting relationship between patient and therapist becomes more important. Telephysiotherapy widens the pool of potential “good-fit” therapists from those within commuting distance to those with an internet connection and permits those people with travel obligations to secure access to a trusted professional year-around.

As is the case for all health practices, it’s important that clinicians find the right telephysiotherapy method for their patients’ needs. At Clocktree, we are proud that any information exchanged over our platform — whether that be a quick note of encouragement or confidential insurance form — meets HIPAA standards for encryption and security. In fact, with our private cloud, you can upload and share files from your library whenever you need it, wherever you need it. We know how much you care about your patients, and we’re here to make sure you devote more time building meaningful relationships with people in need and less time dealing with logistics.

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