Scheduled Appointment vs Call Now

Scheduled Appointment vs Call Now

Clocktree gives you two options for connecting with clients via secure video. 
You can schedule an appointment in Clocktree. Your client will receive an email or text notification, then reminders leading up to the appointment.  At appointment time, both you and your client log into your Clocktree accounts. Neither of you have to do anything to initiate the call. The Clocktree system will prompt both of you to join the call.  

The other option is to use Call Now instead of scheduling the appointment in Clocktree.  At appointment time, both you and your client log into your Clocktree accounts.  You click on your Clients tab, then the client’s name, then the Call Now button. Clocktree will not send your client appointment reminders in this case, but it gives you a little more flexibility on start time, and it’s a great option for last-minute appointments or for someone who doesn’t want to use Clocktree’s scheduler.

 Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 1.36.33 PM
Clocktree users are evenly split between these two options, with many using both in different situations. Both of these options can be found by navigating to your Clients tab, then clicking the client’s name. Your Clients tab is the best place to start for any client interaction on Clocktree, including adding notes to a client’s profile, sending a secure message, or reviewing their appointment history. 
If you have any questions about using either of these features and how they can fit into your practice workflow, please call our Customer Care team at 302-990-8935 or send an email to 

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