Update your Clocktree profile

We have made some recent design changes to Clocktree profiles, making them more visible to your clients.  Please take a moment to make sure your information is up to date and complete.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 2.45.31 PM

While you are completing your Clocktree profile, remember to include important keywords in your practice description in the “About” section.  These keywords should match what consumers are searching for online when they are looking for a healthcare provider like you.  This will help your Clocktree profile page surface in search engine results and help you attract new clients!

Practice Profile

The Admin(s) on your practice manages the information that appears on your Practice Profile.  Log in to Clocktree as an Admin and click “Profile”.  Practice Profiles include:

  1. Address and phone number
  2. Practice introduction
  3. Rates
  4. Banner photo or logo
  5. “Contact Us” function for clients to send you a message

Provider Profile

Each individual provider manages their own Provider Profile.  Log in as a provider and click your name in the upper right, then “View Profile” to edit. Provider Profiles include:

  1. Name, photo and provider type
  2. Provider bio
  3. Licensing and credentials
  4. Specialties
  5. Education
  6. Languages

As always, contact Clocktree Customer Care with any questions!  support@clocktree.com or 302-990-8935.

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