Millennials turning to convenient, cost-effective alternatives for healthcare

Millennials turning to convenient, cost-effective alternatives for healthcare

A recent article in The Washington Post highlights the many ways Millennials are changing the healthcare industry through their expectation of convenient, cost-transparent services.  This includes ditching the traditional primary care physician for a combination of walk-in clinics and telemedicine services that are instantly available.

“The whole ‘going to the doctor’ phenomenon is something that’s fading away from our generation,” said Calvin Brown, a recent college graduate. “It means getting in a car [and] going to a waiting room.” In his view urgent care, which costs him about $40 per visit, is more convenient “like speed dating. Services are rendered in a quick manner.”

The article points out that “many young adults are turning to a fast-growing constellation of alternatives: retail clinics carved out of drugstores or big box retail outlets, free-standing urgent care centers that tout evening and weekend hours, and online telemedicine sites that offer virtual visits without having to leave home. Unlike doctors’ offices, where charges are often opaque and disclosed only after services are rendered, many clinics and telemedicine sites post their ­prices.”

Read the whole article.

This is obviously a positive trend for the telehealth industry, and for healthcare providers who are early adopters of telehealth services.  If you are looking for a simple, convenient telehealth solution for your practice, please contact Clocktree’s Customer Care team and ask for a personalized demo of our platform.  It’s so easy, even a non-millennial can use it!

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