Tips for successful video appointments

Tips for successful video appointments

Telehealth visits are becoming more popular as an efficient, convenient way to connect healthcare providers with clients.  If you are just getting started offering telehealth services, here are some things to consider to help your clients get the most out of their video visits with you.

Set up your web cam slightly above eye level.

The closer you can align the camera to your focal point (the screen) the more your interaction will seem natural to the person on the other end.  Place your webcam above your monitor, not below.  If you are using a laptop, try setting it on a stack of books to get the right angle for the camera.

Minimize distractions.

Wear solid colors, as opposed to stripes and busy patterns which are distracting and can be slower to render on the screen, giving the appearance of a bad connection. Similarly, try to have a plain background without any motion such as a ceiling fan.

Practice with a friend or colleague first.

Once you get your camera and microphone in place, do a quick practice video to make sure you work through any technical difficulties before connecting with a client.  This practice call is a good time to adjust the lighting and backdrop.

Get the highest quality connection possible.

The quality of the video and audio connection is dependent on your internet signal and the processing power of your computer or device.  Here are tips to maximize both:

  1. Restart your computer or device right before your video call.
  2. Don’t open other apps or programs, which might drain computer power away from the video app.
  3. Connect your computer via ethernet cable instead of WiFi, if possible.
  4. Test your internet speed at  The upload speed is the most important result, and should be higher than 2 MBPS.

Wear headphones to reduce echo.

This isn’t usually necessary, but if you or your client hear your own voice echoed back through the video call, put on headphones. Depending on your setup, moving the speakers away from the microphone can also help.

If you have any other telehealth tips or tricks,  please share in the comments section below!

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