VA Reports 235% increase in video visits in 2019

VA Reports 235% increase in video visits in 2019

The Department of Veterans Affairs provided over 2.6 million telehealth episodes in Fiscal Year 2019, making it the largest telehealth program in the country.  In addition to a 235% in video visits, there was a 17% increase in overall telehealth services over the previous fiscal year, according to new data released by the VA. During this time, more than 900,000 veterans accessed the agency’s telehealth services in a clinic or at home.

FY 2019 was the first full year of the VA’s Anywhere to Anywhere initiative, which enables care teams to treat veterans regardless of their location, including across state lines or outside a VA facility. The new program is particularly beneficial for veterans living in rural areas who would otherwise need to travel a considerable distance or across state lines to receive care.

Use of VA Video Connect, the agency’s video app, increased by 235% this year.  More than 99,000 veterans used the app at home, eliminating a trip to the nearest VA facility. More than 200,000, or approximately two-thirds of the 294,000 VA Video Connect appointments this year were for tele-mental health visits.

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