Suggestions for audio issues

If one side can’t hear the other side on a Clocktree call, the problem is typically on the side that can’t send audio as opposed to the side that cannot hear.  Here are suggestions:

  1. Close out all other video platforms, such as Zoom or Skype.  Sometimes the microphone permission is stuck on that other program and Clocktree cannot access the microphone.
  2. Restart the computer or mobile device and don’t open other software or browser tabs
  3. Close out extra browser tabs.  Multiple open browser tabs can pull processing resources away from the Clocktree call.
  4. Test your internet speed at on a computer, or type “speedtest” into your browser on a mobile phone.  You will need at least 5 Mbps for download and upload.  Low upload speed is the most likely cause of audio transmission problems. If your speed is low, try moving closer to the router. On a mobile phone, try switching between WiFi and cellular data to get the strongest signal.
  5. Use the Test Audio/Video function in your Clocktree account prior to your call to make sure your camera and microphone are accessible. If there is a microphone problem, the test module will give you instructions.

Update 12/15/2021:  There is a known bug with iPhone OS 15.1 which causes the speaker volume to be very low.  Upgrading to iOSs 15.2 fixes the problem.