Clocktree Compliance Manager

Clocktree Compliance Manager

Manage Compliance Needs & Audits With Clocktree Compliance Manager

Clocktree Compliance Manager lets you efficiently manage regulatory compliance and audits. You can store, track and manage all the compliance documentation for your practice in one place.   

Providers and other staff can upload licenses, certifications, tax forms, test results, and any other required documents, along with an expiration date. Clocktree sends reminders as the expiration date nears, with an easy way for personnel to update their own documentation.

All users have a dashboard which gives at-a-glance compliance status.  Administrators will have a view of compliance status for the entire organization.


The traffic lights on the admin dashboard show business wide compliance status of all tracked licenses, forms and other important documents. To see the document details, click on the lights. Admins receive monthly business compliance status mails.

Personnel Reminder Notifications & Alerts

All personnel whose documents are tracked in Compliance Manager receive status emails showing just their own traffic lights and can upload their own documents when needed. This takes the burden off of office managers and administrators.

Set up Compliance Manager in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add document types to track

2. Define Compliance Policies for different categories of personnel.

3. Assign compliance policies to personnel. Each staff member can have a unique set of documents they are required to provide.

If you have any questions about using Clocktree Compliance Manager, please contact our Customer Care team at or 302-990-8935. Thank you for using Clocktree!

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