Use My Network on Clocktree for clinical supervision or referrals

Use My Network on Clocktree for clinical supervision or referrals

Clocktree offers a FREE solution for clinical supervision and professional consultations. The My Network section of Clocktree allows providers who aren’t necessarily part of the same practice to meet via secure video and exchange documents, video or audio clips, session notes or messages.

The time spent consulting with another professional via My Network does not count against the video hours your practice pays for. In fact, professionals who aren’t part of a Clocktree practice can still use My Network. We make this a free service as a way to introduce Clocktree to professionals, and we’re confident that they will eventually use Clocktree as part of their practice.

Please note that only professionals should use My Network and it’s not within HIPAA guidelines to invite clients/patients to My Network.

Here are steps to invite a professional peer or supervisee to your Clocktree Network:

  1. Log in to your Clocktree account
  2. Click the Select Practice button in the upper right
  3. Select Clocktree Home
  4. Click the My Network tab
  5. Click the Send Invite button and complete the fields

Once they accept your invite they will appear under your My Network tab and you can send them messages and documents, or meet with them via secure video.

If you have any questions about how to use My Network, our Customer Care team is ready to help at or 302-990-8935.

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