Managing Client Messages

You can send messages to your clients within Clocktree that are secure and HIPAA compliant. To do that, click the Send Message button at the top of your client’s profile.

When a client responds to your message, you will receive an alert and a red message icon will appear next to the client’s name under your Clients tab. You can click that to view and respond to the message. If no response is needed, you can click the red Close button at the bottom of the message. The only way to get the message icon to go away is to either respond or close the message. Viewing the message will not dismiss that icon.

Clocktree requires that you either respond or close messages within 7 days to remain listed in the Clocktree Directory.

Contact Us” messages to your practice

Every Clocktree practice has a button on their practice profile page that says “Contact Us”. A client or prospective client can click that to send a message to your practice. This is useful as a “front desk” function where clients can ask questions or request an appointment. The Admin(s) for your practice can assign one or more colleagues to receive and respond to those messages. To do this, from the Admin role, click the Profile tab. Then click the Edit button next to the Contact Us link. From there, check all appropriate colleague names and save.

Message Service

You can set up one or more message services for your practice. This will place a “Send Message” button in your list of services. Clients can click this to send their provider a message. Only the colleagues assigned to that service will receive a notice. For these, you can also add a name and description. Here are some example of message services and how they appear to your clients:

Stored in Client Profile

All messages sent or received by a client, no matter the type, are accessible in the client’s profile. To access, go to your Clients tab and click the client’s name. Within that client’s profile you’ll see a Messages tab. Please note that all Colleagues from your practice will have access to all client messages. If a colleague is not assigned to a message service they will not receive a notification but they will be able to access the message if needed. The client has their own Messages tab which will contain the same content. Once a message is closed, the client will not be able to respond to it.

Clocktree Customer Care is here to answer any questions you have about client message features. Please contact the team at or 302-990-8935.

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