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Easy fix for audio issues on Clocktree calls

If you connect to a Clocktree call and one side can’t hear the other, it’s likely that the microphone permission is stuck on another program.

If you’re going back and forth between Clocktree and other video platforms such as Zoom or Skype, it’s important to close out those other programs before joining a Clocktree call.  That will release the microphone permission and allow Clocktree access to your microphone.

If you are unsure if you have another video program open, restarting the computer or mobile device will also release that microphone permission.

The issue is always on the end of the call that can’t send audio, as opposed to the side that can’t hear.

Clocktree System Status Updates

Current status: System is functional with no reported issues

Friday 7/31 8:40am PST: Calendar display has been fixed.

Friday 7/31 7am PST: Calendar view of appointments is not displaying correctly. Appointments still appear in Appointments tab.

Saturday 5/16 1pm PST: Scheduled call issue has been fixed. 

Saturday 5/16 8am PST: Some Scheduled Calls are not starting. Please use the Call Now feature to call clients.

Monday 3/30 3:40pm PST: Problem fixed

Monday 3/30 3:30pm PST: Some reports of “Lost Connection”,  not system wide

Wednesday 3/25 4:55pm PST: Problem fixed, system functioning

Wednesday, 3/25 2:51pm PST: Users seeing “Lost Connection” message when accessing Clocktree. This is effecting all video calls now. All functions except video calls are operational but users will still see the red error message.  Engineers have identified the problem and are working to implement a fix.

Tuesday 3/24, 3pm PST: System is back to normal, video calls resume, no reports of system failure

Tuesday 3/24, 1pm PST: System is overloaded, most menus are not loading
properly. If you see missing items from your client list, they aren’t deleted but are just not loading. Multiple appointment reminders being sent for single appointment.

CDC recommends telehealth in case of coronavirus outbreak

CDC recommends telehealth in case of coronavirus outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control has released helpful steps for Americans to take to prepare for a possible outbreak of the novel coronavirus. One of these steps is to make sure you have a plan to manage your family’s healthcare online.

Now is a good time to access your Clocktree account and make sure you know how to contact your healthcare professionals online, should the need arise. If you need to connect with a new provider who offers telehealth appointments, you can find a wide range of providers at

If you are a healthcare provider who does not currently have a plan in place for your clients to meet with you online, you can sign up now for a 90-day free trial of Clocktree at