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Clocktree Guide for Clients

The following is helpful information for clients who are using Clocktree for the first time.

Computer or Mobile Device Requirements

You can use Clocktree on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone as long as the device has a camera and microphone.

Supported browsers

  • Windows: Chrome (recommended), Edge, Firefox
  • Mac: Chrome (recommended), Safari, Firefox
  • iPhone and iPad: Safari. Must have iOS 11 or higher
  • Android: Chrome or default browser

Internet Speed

A reliable internet signal is required for video calls. To check your internet speed go to and click GO. A speed of over 5 Mbps for both download and upload is needed for your Clocktree call. To maximize your internet speed, restart your device and don’t open other apps or browser tabs. If possible, move closer to your WiFi router and turn off other devices using the same WiFi network.

Testing Camera and Microphone

You can test your camera, microphone and speakers from your Clocktree account.

  1. Log into with your email and the password you created when you registered.
  2. Click the person icon in the upper right
  3. Select Test Audio / Video
  4. If prompted for camera and microphone permission, click Allow or Yes
  5. You should be able to see yourself in the video window
  6. Click the Audio Test button and follow the instructions. You should see a green bar rising and falling as you speak.
  7. If anything is not configured correctly, please restart the computer or device and try the test again. If that fails, please follow the suggestions on the screen.

Connecting to your video appointment

Leading up to your video appointment, you might receive appointment reminders which include a quick link to the virtual appointment room. Click that link, login with your email and the password you created, then you’ll be in the right spot for your appointment. At appointment time you’ll hear a ring sound and you’ll be prompted to join the session.

If you did not receive an appointment reminder from Clocktree and you don’t see the appointment listed in your Clocktree account, your provider will call you using an instant call feature in Clocktree. To receive their call, you just need to be logged into your Clocktree account. You don’t have to be in any particular spot within your account. When your provider calls, you will hear a ring sound and you’ll be prompted to join the call.


  1. If using a smart phone, it’s a good idea to put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode before your call so you won’t be interrupted with calls or texts during your appointment. Incoming calls can sometimes interfere with the audio transmission in Clocktree.
  2. Restart your computer or device prior to your Clocktree call and don’t open other apps or browser tabs.
  3. Using headphones will help minimize any echo

Contacting your provider through Clocktree

When you log into your Clocktree account, you will see an information page for your practice including their phone number in the upper left. It will also include a button in the bottom right corner of their practice photo that says “Contact Us”. Click that to send a message to the practice. This won’t necessarily go directly to your provider, but to whoever the practice has assigned to handle inquiries such as a front desk person or scheduler.

If you receive a message from your provider through Clocktree you can view that by clicking My Record, then your Messages tab. You can respond to that message and your reply will go directly to your provider. Click View/Respond, then type your message at the bottom, attach files if needed, then click Send.

Managing Client Messages

You can send messages to your clients within Clocktree that are secure and HIPAA compliant. To do that, click the Send Message button at the top of your client’s profile.

When a client responds to your message, you will receive an alert and a red message icon will appear next to the client’s name under your Clients tab. You can click that to view and respond to the message. If no response is needed, you can click the red Close button at the bottom of the message. The only way to get the message icon to go away is to either respond or close the message. Viewing the message will not dismiss that icon.

Clocktree requires that you either respond or close messages within 7 days to remain listed in the Clocktree Directory.

Contact Us” messages to your practice

Every Clocktree practice has a button on their practice profile page that says “Contact Us”. A client or prospective client can click that to send a message to your practice. This is useful as a “front desk” function where clients can ask questions or request an appointment. The Admin(s) for your practice can assign one or more colleagues to receive and respond to those messages. To do this, from the Admin role, click the Profile tab. Then click the Edit button next to the Contact Us link. From there, check all appropriate colleague names and save.

Message Service

You can set up one or more message services for your practice. This will place a “Send Message” button in your list of services. Clients can click this to send their provider a message. Only the colleagues assigned to that service will receive a notice. For these, you can also add a name and description. Here are some example of message services and how they appear to your clients:

Stored in Client Profile

All messages sent or received by a client, no matter the type, are accessible in the client’s profile. To access, go to your Clients tab and click the client’s name. Within that client’s profile you’ll see a Messages tab. Please note that all Colleagues from your practice will have access to all client messages. If a colleague is not assigned to a message service they will not receive a notification but they will be able to access the message if needed. The client has their own Messages tab which will contain the same content. Once a message is closed, the client will not be able to respond to it.

Clocktree Customer Care is here to answer any questions you have about client message features. Please contact the team at or 302-990-8935.

Use My Network on Clocktree for clinical supervision or referrals

Use My Network on Clocktree for clinical supervision or referrals

Clocktree offers a FREE solution for clinical supervision and professional consultations. The My Network section of Clocktree allows providers who aren’t necessarily part of the same practice to meet via secure video and exchange documents, video or audio clips, session notes or messages.

The time spent consulting with another professional via My Network does not count against the video hours your practice pays for. In fact, professionals who aren’t part of a Clocktree practice can still use My Network. We make this a free service as a way to introduce Clocktree to professionals, and we’re confident that they will eventually use Clocktree as part of their practice.

Please note that only professionals should use My Network and it’s not within HIPAA guidelines to invite clients/patients to My Network.

Here are steps to invite a professional peer or supervisee to your Clocktree Network:

  1. Log in to your Clocktree account
  2. Click the Select Practice button in the upper right
  3. Select Clocktree Home
  4. Click the My Network tab
  5. Click the Send Invite button and complete the fields

Once they accept your invite they will appear under your My Network tab and you can send them messages and documents, or meet with them via secure video.

If you have any questions about how to use My Network, our Customer Care team is ready to help at or 302-990-8935.