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CDC recommends telehealth in case of coronavirus outbreak

CDC recommends telehealth in case of coronavirus outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control has released helpful steps for Americans to take to prepare for a possible outbreak of the novel coronavirus. One of these steps is to make sure you have a plan to manage your family’s healthcare online.

Now is a good time to access your Clocktree account and make sure you know how to contact your healthcare professionals online, should the need arise. If you need to connect with a new provider who offers telehealth appointments, you can find a wide range of providers at

If you are a healthcare provider who does not currently have a plan in place for your clients to meet with you online, you can sign up now for a 90-day free trial of Clocktree at

Add Client Billing to your Clocktree account

Choose a Payment Processor

To use the client billing feature in Clocktree, you will first need to establish an account with one of these supported payment processors.

Please research and choose the payment processor that is right for your practice. Clocktree will not add additional processing fees, but will serve as a convenient conduit for invoicing and billing your clients from your Clocktree account.
Please note: To use Stripe you must check ‘enable unsafe processing’ in your Stripe account. Clocktree secures your clients’ credit cards information in the same way we protect all HIPAA data

Add payment processor to Clocktree account 

This requires Admin authority on your Clocktree account.

  1. Log in and switch to Admin role
  2. Click on Billing tab
  3. Click on Setup
  4. In the Payment Processors section, add a description (for internal use only)
  5. Select your payment processor from the Processor Type pulldown menu
  6. Complete the rest of the fields with the required info from your payment processor account
The final setup step on this page is to select your Sales Tax calculation requirements.

Enable the Client Billing service

Only Admins on your Clocktree practice can enable this service and assign billing capability to colleagues who will handle online billing for your practice.

  1. Log in and switch to your Admin role
  2. Click the Services tab
  3. Find the service called Client Billing and click the Edit Service button
  4. Click the Assign Providers line and check all colleagues who will create client invoices
  5. Click the Enable Service line and toggle the service to on/green
  6. Click Save

Create invoices

Any provider assigned to the Client Billing service can create an invoice. Your client will receive an alert, letting them know they have an invoice, but they will need to log into their Clocktree account to see the invoice and pay with their credit card.

  1. Log in to Clocktree and stay in your Provider role
  2. Click the Clients tab
  3. Click the client’s name to access their profile
  4. Click the Billing tab within their profile
  5. Click the Create Invoice button
  6. Enter a description, which the client will see, and the invoice amount
  7. Click Send Invoice

Manage invoices

Admins can access a view of all invoices sent from the practice by clicking the Billing tab. Providers can access invoices sent to individual clients via the Clients tab. In both places, you can see the date, amount and status of an invoice. 


To access the invoice, click on the dollar amount. You have the ability to refund a paid invoice. You can forgive, void, or record payment for an unpaid invoice.


If you have any questions or need assistance setting up Client Billing on your Clocktree account, our Customer Care team can help at or 302-990-8935.


University of Kentucky to offer telehealth graduate certificate program

University of Kentucky to offer telehealth graduate certificate program

Recent studies show that 60% of millennials prefer the convenience and privacy of online health care to traditional in-person care. At the same time, lack of access to healthcare remains a growing issue for rural and underserved communities. To address both trends, the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences is pioneering training in telehealth through a new graduate certificate program.

The Graduate Certificate in Telehealth is the first of its kind among health sciences colleges and is the only telehealth certificate available in the state of Kentucky. The program trains both graduate students and practicing professionals to be leaders in development, implementation and evaluation of telehealth models.

The Graduate Certificate in Telehealth is comprised of three 3-credit courses (nine total credit hours) offered across three consecutive semesters beginning summer of 2020. Enrollment is open to all students participating in a health care graduate program and to practicing health care professionals seeking to expand the services they offer.

Read more about this innovative program at

Milwaukee VA telehealth program helping veterans with mental health care

Milwaukee VA telehealth program helping veterans with mental health care

Milwaukee’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center offers telehealth services to veterans, with 90% of its providers participating in the program.

So far, only about 400 veterans have received care through this telehealth program, however with the high rate of participation among its providers, that number will grow quickly this year.

The program, like many other telehealth programs around the country, expands the reach of a clinic by offering virtual visits to people who live far away or are otherwise unable to physically go to the clinic.

Milwaukee’s WTMJ-TV did a spotlight segment on this program and interviewed a veteran who used to have to travel 30 miles for treatment, and who suffers from vertigo. He now uses his laptop to meet with his provider from the comfort and security of his own home, with great success. He appreciates not having to make the long drive and avoiding the anxiety of being in an unfamiliar environment. Watch this veteran’s story here: