The Best Way To Keep Your Patients’ Data Private

The Best Way To Keep Your Patients’ Data Private

With all the recent headlines of data and privacy breaches, it is more relevant than ever to use secure platforms when conducting business in the healthcare sector. This is especially important when you are storing private patient information, particularly while communicating through any media platform. Data is said to be the new oil, since it fuels technological and overall company development. Therefore it is getting harder than ever to protect your private information.

Facebook released a public statement in which they noted they believe nearly all of their 2.2 billion users have had their data scraped in one way or another from an outside source. In this day and age people want easier access to everything, including healthcare and ways to contact their healthcare professionals. This however may lead some to using insecure networks in order to fulfill patient wishes.

If you are interested in transitioning your practice into the telehealth sector it is vital to be sure the platform you are using is HIPAA compliant. Using Skype or FaceTime to consult with patients is an insecure form of communication, which can then lead to breaches in confidentiality.

Clocktree is a secure HIPAA compliant platform that allows you to communicate with your patients with out having to worry about data or privacy breaches. Privacy is very important to us, to you and especially to your patients. Give yourself some peace of mind and run your telehealth practice on a secure platform.

To learn more about Clocktree and our HIPAA compliant platform check out our website and see how telehealth could fit into your practice.


How Doctors are Using Telemedicine to Help Allergy Sufferers

How Doctors are Using Telemedicine to Help Allergy Sufferers

CBS This Morning aired a segment today spotlighting the emerging use of video appointments in place of in-office visits to identify and treat allergies.

While telemedicine won’t replace all in-office visits, this is yet another example of a service that healthcare providers can administer through video just as effectively as they can in person — and with the added convenience benefits.

From the article: A recent study led by allergist Tonia Elliot identified potential benefits of telemedicine including faster diagnosis and medication prescribing, lower out-of-pocket costs, and access for people in remote areas. They also found face-to-face screen time might improve the doctor-patient relationship.

“It’s all about building rapport and active listening and facial expressions that then establish that connection with a patient,” Elliot said.

The telehealth industry is expected to grow to $36 billion by 2020. Right now, 34 states and Washington D.C. require insurance companies to cover virtual visits the same as they do for office visits.

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CMS Announces Rural Health Strategy

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched the agency’s first Rural Health Strategy this week, to help improve access to high quality, affordable healthcare in underserved rural communities.

One of the key components of the strategy is to advance telehealth and telemedicine.

“Telehealth has been proven to be a successful tool to improve access to care and help meet the needs of rural areas that lack sufficient health care services.  To help promote the use of telehealth, CMS will seek to reduce barriers stakeholders identified such as reimbursement, cross-state licensure issues, and the administrative and financial burden to implement telemedicine.”

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Can I use Clocktree on my mobile phone?

Can I use Clocktree on my mobile phone?

Yes!  You can have Clocktree video appointments on your mobile device.  Instead of downloading an app, use your browser to log into your Clocktree account.

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer if possible, which tend to have stronger internet signals and more processing power to get a better video connection.  However if that’s not possible, then a mobile device will work too.

For iPhone and iPad, please use Safari browser to go to and log in.  For Android phones and tablets, we recommend Google Chrome browser.  It’s important to have the latest version of your browser.

Here are the latest browser recommendations for all platforms and devices:

  • iPhone and iPad:  iOS 11.3 and Safari 11+
  • Android phone or tablet:  Google Chrome v65+
  • Windows laptop/desktop: Google Chrome v65+, Edge v16+ or Firefox v57+
  • Macbook or iMac: Google Chrome v65+ or Safari 11+

On all devices, it’s a good idea to test your camera and microphone prior to a video appointment, or when switching to a different device.  To do this, click your name or person icon in the upper right corner and select “Test Audio/Video”.

If you have any questions about using Clocktree on any device, our Customer Care team is ready to help at 302-990-8935 or